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If you have the drive and passion to join the cause of keeping Jews Jewish, setting religious cult members free, and directing everyone back to G-d, then feel free to send us an email.  We are always looking for additional programming, music, and resources.

Our passion for radio began in early 2011.  A year later we were able to begin our very own station, an idol-free station.  It began as just music, featuring songs from the good folks at Through our NaNach friends we found more great music with Shabasa Records.  Shabasa Records brought with it four musical groups: White Shabbos, Rockazion, Blanketstatement Stein, and the infamous Moshaich Oi!

Along with the music we branched out to include a few podcasts.  First to join was Come Out of Her My People (COOHMP). This podcast featured two individuals who climbed their way out of Christianity and a brief stint in the Hebrew Roots/Messianic world.  Their journey, discoveries, triumphs, as well as struggles were discussed during the program. 

The greatest feat was the inclusion of Tovia Singer's teachings.  Tovia has been on the front lines of standing guard of the Jewish people against the onslaught of missionary tactics.  We are proud to be able to bring his presentations several times a day.

Another notable program was from Rabbi Gutman Locks from Israel.  His two archived programs, From the Old City, and There is One, have life-changing information within each recording.

As with all the programs we play, each contributor is scrutinized before receiving a place on the schedule.  We look for genuine hearts and Torah-based teachings.  

Unlike practically all other stations, we do not accept any donations or gifts, nor do we sell advertisements.  There is an occasional "plug," which is played to introduce the listener to some of our shows.

If you have a podcast, show, or music you would like featured on Pathways Radio, feel free to contact us to review it.

Everything we do and everything we provide is 100% free.

How do we provide websites, resources, and a radio station for nothing?

It's all about a passion, a mission, and the dedication to keep Jews Jewish.

Along the way we also get to set people free from idolatry and false religions and sociopath cult leaders.

‚ÄčNot a bad job!

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