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From Pastor to AWAKE...Get the book that describes the real journey out of Christianity and through the literal HELL a loving church family does (to its own Pastor) when he begins to discover the lies of a flawed religion.

Pathways to the Biblical Truth

by AJ Ostrander

Discover what really happens when the truth is discovered!

Available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Trafford Publishing

5 years and STILL no pandering and pleading for your money! 

5 years of exposing the fake teachings, and frauds posing as "Rabbi" and so-called "teachers."

5 years of steady Torah-based programs.

5 years of no flip-flopping through new ideas, names, and ways to circumvent the Torah!

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When we launched Pathways Radio back in 2012, we wanted a station that could go with you.  Through free apps you can have Pathways Radio on at home, in the car, and at work.

The best app for Apple and Droid devices is Tunein.  It's free and dependable.

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The problem with religion is that many people and ministries want your total devotion (and credit card information). Stray from their teaching and you're out on your backside. What are they afraid of?  INFORMATION!

You have a brain, and we're confident you can use it to think for yourself.

We provide information to get you to do just that.

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